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Welcome to Speech House Ltd, a private practice providing speech and language therapy services to a range of children and young people with speech, language and social communication difficulties. Located in Worthing, we offer services throughout the South East.


We are here to support children, families, schools and nursery settings across the South East of England by providing specialist services for individual treatment, group therapy provision, training, supervision and consultancy services.


Here at Speech House Ltd, we are also committed to working in partnership with other agencies, to pool resources and provide an effective and efficient service to meet the needs of children with speech, language and social communication difficulties.

Speech House Ltd offer a range of services and provide useful information for speech improvement in all climates. Speech House Ltd is particularly useful for the following areas:

Specific to your needs

Speech House Ltd

"We are amazed and so grateful for the progress Emily has made in her speech. Without Lucy's help, Emily would not be speaking as clearly and confidently as she is now. We couldn't understand what Emily said a lot of the time and had tried some therapy on the NHS without much success. Within 3 months, Lucy had Emily speaking totally comprehensively. We are so thankful to Lucy - money well spent. Thank you"

- Lara, Worthing (Feb 2014)

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We provide speech therapy and language therapy.

Providing specialist tailored independent speech and language therapy services in Worthing and across the South East.